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David Lukens

Яхта Эпштейна

Epstein Yacht

Яхта Эпштейна / Epstein Yacht (т/с «Экспансия / The Expanse»)
Автор: David Lukens
Масштаб: ?
Страниц: 19/10
Формат: PDF
Размер: 28.76 Мб


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I hope you enjoy this model. I distribute it for free so that as many as possible can build it. If you think it is worth something, please drop a few dollars in the tip jar. Knowing that people are getting something out of all the work that goes into a design such as this makes a big difference.

These models easily consume several hundred hours to design, layout, and build. Thanks.



All of the photos used in this guide can be found in higher resolutions in the gallery: http://www.insanityunlimited.com/gallery/paper_models/epstein/

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few things that have come up in testing the build that make life easier from several different angles.

General Tips – These may or may not be useful to your building style


Инструкция по сборке

Источник: http://insanityunlimited.com/model_plans/ http://only-paper.ru/load/kosmos_iz_bumagi/kosmicheskij_korabl_iz_bumagi/epstein_yacht_the_expanse_david_lukens/186-1-0-14046

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