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Иккинг / Hiccup (м/ф «Как приручить дракона / How to Train Your Dragon»)
Автор: ?
Издание: DreamWorks
Масштаб: ?
Страниц: 8/5
Формат: PDF
Размер: 1.96 Мб


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This paper toy is a 3D Hiccup, the main character of the 3D computer-animated fantasy film How to Train Your Dragon by DreamWorks Animation. There is also his girlfriend, Astrid Hofferson paper toy available.

Hiccup's full name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, the Hope and Heir to the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans. He is the son of the chief, Stoick the Vast, thus making him heir to the tribe, and later the current chief of the tribe. He is 15 years old in the first film and 20 years old in How to Train Your Dragon 2. His dragon, Toothless is a Night Fury, the rarest and most intelligent of the dragon species in the film franchise.

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Источник: https://www.howtotrainyourdragon.com/play/downloads/printables

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