Space Marine Land Raider


This Space Marine Land Raider is similar to the new GW MKIII modell. It's a… real monstrosity.

Инструкция по сборке

First the three main parts: Glue (1a) and (1b) together. Glue this around (1c), then strengthen inside with the two (1d) and finally close it with the other (1c). Repeat (1a)-(1d), then (2a)-(2d).

Next is the structure on the sides and top of the Land Raider. Do the complete landr3.gif as 1.0 to 1.5 mm thick structure.

Place (A) and then (B) on the sides, then (C) to (H) on the top of the tracks like shown in the picture above. Use some fine filler, green stuff or similar to create the 45 deg flattenings on the edge. Repeat with (I) to (L) on the upper back edge of the hull.

Now glue tracks and hull together and add (3) at the backside of the hull and fix four exhaust pipes (4). Part (5) is placed at the front of the hull.

Next are the front door structure (M) and (N), the various track parts (O) , (P) and the hatches (Q) - (S). I did all 0.8 mm thick.

Last are the side sponsons. Most parts are done as 1.5 mm structure exept (6), which is done as normal.

For the Lascannons, roll a 2.5 cm width strip of normal writing paper around a ballpen cartidge or something similar, until it has the right diameter. Repeat this with a 0.6 mm strip for the muzzle.

To make the Land Raider look "real", place many small details all over the tank and finally do a good painting job.


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