Imperial Guard Chimera Transport


Printing Size for all templates is 26.0 cm high and 18.5 cm width.

The templates are stored in compuserve gif format. This format contains no information how large the image should appear when printed.

So you have to use a program where you can scale the printing size, like Paint Shop Pro or MS Picture Viewer.

If you are not common with such a program you can use for example Word. Import the template and scale it on the screen.


Use the thickest paper your printer allows, for example 300 grams per square meter.

The minimum is 160 gsm which every printer should be able to handle such paper.


Print chim1.gif on 0.5 mm thick cardstock. This template contains all parts for the left track section.

Cut out (1) and (2).

Optional: Cut out the small rectangle in (2), and glue the wedge (3) with the open end behind the opening.

Cut out (4a) and (4b) and glue them together to a ring and close it on both sides with (1) and (2).

There are two layers of structure, (5) and (6) to be done 1 mm thick and glued on the surface of (2). This is a little time intense, but gives the chimera the right look.

Optional: Create several small circles from 1mm cardstock and glue them where indicated.

Tip: You can easilie create such circles with pliers normaly used to punch holes int belts, etc.

Next is the box on the side: Glue together (7a) and (7b) to a ring and close on one side with (8).

Tip: on the side where the box is glued to the track section, you can try to remove the glueing strips, and glue it with just some drops of superglue.

Optional: add some structure (on the templates right beside the box) as 0.5 mm thick card on the side surface.

Cut out several of the small rectangles as 1mm thick structure and glue them all around the track section.

Optional: repeat this with the even smaller rectangles and glue one centric on every gap between two of the lager ones.

Reapeat this steps with the right track section from chim2.gif.

Print chim3.gif. This template contains all parts for the main hull and turret.

Cut out (11) and (10).

Cut out (12a) and (12b) and glue them to a ring. Close both sides with (10) and (11).

Optional: For the front and rear side there is some 0.5 mm thick structure.

Optional: Create the small (13) twice and fix them on the back side.

On the left bottom corner of the template there is additional structure for the top side of the main hull. Create all 1.0mm thick and glue where indicated.

Part (14) is the heavy bolter, to be glued on the left front side.

Last is the turret. Main part is (15), which is maybe the most difficult part of the chimera.

(16) forms a hatch for the top of the turret.

The multilaser itself is done by rolling a normal pice of paper around a ballpaperpen cartridge until the roll has the right diameter.

The muzzle is created the same way by rolling a small strip of paper around one end of the roll.

Version 2000-12-01


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