Martian Tripod

Jeff Wayne's Musical version of The War of the Worlds; JPG 19K

"The Martians. They were inside the hoods of machines they'd made, massive metal things on legs. Giant machines that walked. They attacked us. They wiped us out."

The Artilleryman

Based on H.G.Wells' famous novel "The War of the Worlds", in 1978 Jeff Wayne came with a musical verion of this story, featuring great names, such as Richard Burton and Justin Hayward. With both the LP and the CD version came paintings to visualise certain parts of the story. On these paintings I based the paper model of the Martian Fighting Machine.

The Martian Tripod consists of 33 parts, covering two A4-sheets. In itself the model is easy to put together, but it has several small parts, some of which need to be rolled up, which makes it harder. To view or print the PDF version you'll need the Acrobat Reader.

  • Model kit PDF download (Instructions included, 768 kb)
  • Model kit zip download (Zipped JPEG version, 833 kb)
  • Instructions (Also included in the PDF file)
  • Feedback:

    Tom Long did a nice job of customizing a finished version of this model. When asked what exactly he did, he told me the following:

    Well, after assembly, I sprayed the entire model, except for the "eyes" flat black. Then, using dry brush with silver acrylic gave it a silver overcoat. I then then replaced the eyes, covered with the clear parts of dolls' eyes, to give the appearance of green mist behind a windshield. I added a blast cannon to the orifice in the bow and antennae on either side of the cannon and on topside, trailing back. I then added "hydraulic" hoses, blue and yellow, to the hinge area of all three legs. Looks good!!

    Oh, yes, I mounted it on a black surface grass covered base with a 1/72 figure running in terror before it! :>) If I can get a good pic I will send you a copy.

    And a picture he sent me indeed. You can see it here. (40 kb)


    JPG 12K
    Martian Fighting Machine Paper Model


    PDF 787 K
    4 страницы, с инструкцией
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