Taiidan «Skaal-Fa» class Missile Destroyer

Инструкция по сборке

This is a paper-folding model of a Taiidan «Skaal-Fa» class Missile Destroyer. It has special black-red coloration.

IMPORTANT: Print page1, and page2 AT 70% SIZE

1: Cut out and assemble each segment.

2: Glue the segments together in the following order:
Bottom Panels/Front --> Lower Missile Launchers --> Upper Missile Launchers.

When completed, you should have 2 components:

  • The rear of the ship, including drives, fins etc.
  • The front of the ship, icluding the missile launchers.
  • 3: Glue front and rear together. It may help, when you leave the bottom panel open until everything else is done, so you can help with your finger for correct positioning. When you're done, simply close the bottom panel.

    There's your new Taiidan «Skaal-Fa» class Missile Destroyer!


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    Примечание. Выкройки открываются в новом окне.
    При распечатке самостоятельно отследите одинаковый масштаб для всех листов.

    Источник: http://paperstarships.tengun.net/HW.htm